Coronavirus Outbreak: Manifesting Mental Health Issues due to Lockdown

With the whole world under lockdown has resulted in the closing of schools and no playtime. Thus, it has adversely affected your child's mental health

The rising numbers of CoVid positive cases have wreaked havoc across the world. This situation has instilled a feeling of fear and panic amongst every one of us. This pandemic situation is tactfully redefining the term 'normalcy' and introduced monotony in our routine. And as a preeminent solution, to contain the spread of the virus, governments of several countries have imposed Lockdowns.

While there are several protective measures that we will be implementing like Social Distancing, staying at home to be safe may help in impeding the virus, till the time we don't find a rigid solution for it. Adding further, several companies have started implementing work from home, and schools are closed until further notice from the government.

However, it is such a contradiction that by staying at home, we may contain the spread of the virus, but we might be watering the ill thoughts in our mind that affected our mental health. The days’ melt into weeks and further melted into months staring at the same pair of walls. However, there were plenty of reasons a mind has to trigger negative thoughts and pulling your mental health down.

Unraveling of Lockdown and Mental Health.

As far as the Unlocking has started, many Mental Health experts have mentioned that there is an alarming rise in the patients that visits them. As per a survey held by several experts has drawn a bottom line that the prolonged Lockdown has affected in a 20% rise in mental health cases with the bizarre leap in psycho-social concerns like family issues, depression, anxiety, sexual abuse, domestic violence. However, due to the pandemic, the list of triggers for mental illness has elongated like fear of losing jobs, pay cuts, isolation, be in awe of catching the virus, sleep disorders, losing your loved ones, and many more.

While the country is putting all the efforts to flatten the curve of rising coronavirus cases, the country has completely forgotten about mental health. This issue has become a concern for the authorities, as this issue has affected every age group. The World Health Organization has stated that " Out of 90 Million of total Indian Population that is almost 7.5% is suffering from some form of Mental health disorder."

With the Lockdown, kids and adults are battling their battles by not going out, not meeting friends and, several other reasons are taking up their headspace. Many people haven't sought help from professionals as still Mental Illness is a taboo in our society. So, many cases have no records yet.

Thus, to understand the ongoing situation, Kaqsha had an interactive conversation with a few experts. We held an in-depth discussion to give you clarity on this unspoken subject before it is too late. Stay tuned for our next blog