Coronavirus: Changes that may last longer amongst Kids

Let's accept the truth that every one of us, kids, adults, and the elderly has made necessary changes to coexist with the ongoing pandemic, and these changes will stay with us even after the Coronavirus.

We all have plumped all the news about the current pandemic situation. All of us have witnessed the rising curve of confirmed cases that have crossed a million already. However, several countries are planning to lift their lockdown and prepare themselves to face the pandemic's repercussions.

With the Coronavirus in the air, we have made several changes in our daily itinerary. In particular, to make children exist in this chaotic world with the outbreak, parents had tried to implement several changes amongst their children to keep them safe at home. And, these changes aren't going to leave them anytime sooner. Let's further discriminate these changes into positive and negative ones.

Positive changes:

With the pandemic, the parents had an opportunity to spend most of their hours with their kids. They have also been on their toes to work on their immunity front. The complete lockdown was filled with creative pursuits to invest the child's energy and time productively. Eating home-cooked food has nourished their habits in several folds. Thus, we will pen down a few of the significant positive changes amongst kids.

Prioritized Healthy Lifestyle:

The well-being will never be dismissed out of ignorance. Washing of hands and sanitizing has become part and parcel of our lives. Sleeping on time and home-cooked food to keep their immunity intact shouldn't leave our lives even after the pandemic.

Open Communication:

Staying put with your family for such a long time has helped each other to communicate about their feelings and thoughts. It has lead to building an open relationship inside the house.

Unveiling Creativity:

The amount of time spent at home with nowhere else to go, kids have started indulging in activities with a creative edge. Thus, the lockdown has been an opportunity for the kids to explore the creative side in them. So starting from reading a book or helping mom make mug cakes, the parents and the kids have realized that there is a world beyond school and playground.

Negative Changes:

With the rising number of cases and the fatality percentage, everyone is all anxious and petrified. On top of it, the parents ask the kids to stay put at home and wash their hands now and then have affected them immensely. So this time, let's throw some light on the negative changes that kids will experience even after the lockdown is lifted.

The constant fear of getting infected

Kids will be frightened about going outdoors even after the lockdown is lifted, as it is elementary to get infected. Thus, going to normal will become difficult for the kids as their mind is filled with fear.

The pressure to Catchup:

The lockdown and schools being shut will become difficult for the kids to catch up with their studies. The fear of being left out and missing the will of studying again will be a pit hole for the kids and parents.

However, no one is talking about how to prepare for a world of fear after the pandemic. As now and then, we read about how this pandemic affects the economy, mental health, and suicidal rates. But, there are several questions like the following ones are still unanswered:

"What tomorrow has for us?"

"How we will live in a coronavirus free world?"

"Does a world even exist without mask and sanitizers?"

"Will the changes made today to keep us safe, will live with us tomorrow?"

"Is the playground safe for your kids' playtime?"

"How will my child remember to wash his hands and not touch his face after returning to school or going to a birthday party?"

The list of questions doesn't end here; there is a lot more to it. Thus, EduQation will have an interactive session with the experts, to prepare you and your child for a world after the sun of coronavirus sets in our next blog. Stay Tuned!